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Free Self Publishing Process

Free Self Publish Your books easily by following these steps

1. Prepare Print Ready Files

You will be required to convert your manuscript and cover page into print ready files. For this purpose the modules are available to assist you.

2. Register and Upload

Once you are ready with the files, kindly register to site and upload it for print formatting review and approval.

3. Set Price and Details

Once your book is approved by our team, set up its price and details. Select distribution channel and release your book.

4. Your Book is Published

Your book is now published and will be distributed with either of your selected distribution option (Standard or Extended Distribution).

Complete Guidance for Free Self Publlishing Your Book

We already have made all the stuff to support you to self publish your book in India for Free of cost.

About FreeSelfPublish

Our Free Self Publishing Services in India

What is Free Self Publishing and How it benefits authors ?

Self Publishing, like the traditional publishing is an approach of publishing a book with a minimum or no investment, where the copies are only printed when there is a demand of it, also known as Print on Demand.

While there are ample of self publishing companies in India that provide paid services to authors but there is true absence of dedicated Free Self Publishing platform in India. On the same pace FreeSelfPublish.com is an exceptional and key role player in the domain by providing completely Free Self Publishing services to Indian authors for printing and distribution aspect.

The various modules are provided to guide authors to convert their manuscripts into print ready files. Dedicated online support is always available for all authors, even support by phone call is also provided when required.

Author just requires a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications (Word and Powerpoint) to covert their files into print ready format.

Once they setup the print ready files, they may easily upload it by registering to FreeSelfPublish.com and once our team reviews and approves the file, they can set up pricing, book description and distribution channels for it.

We provide two distribution options: With Standard Option (Free), your books are listed to www.bookscamel.com whereas with Extended distribution (Paid), it is distributed in Indian and International Online Channels as eBook and Print Book. In India, it is made available with Flipkart, Amazon, etc. Whereas Internationally it is available to countries like US, UK, Italy, France, etc. through channels like Ingram, Barnes & Nobel, NACSCORP etc. We also distribute eBooks to Amazon Kindel and Google playstore.

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