Free Self Publishing Website in India

Free Self Publishing Process: Publishing your book is completely free with We are the first premium Free Self Publishing website in India. To self publish your book for free, you are required to convert your manuscript into print ready files following our guidelines and submit it to us by making a registration for Author Dashboard.

Once you submit the book files, it will be reviewed by our publishing team and once the team approves it for print layout compatibility aspects, you will require to provide us print ready cover and set up its price to publish it.

The books are made available for selling through premier Indian eCommerce Book Store, with which we have made an exclusive partnership for selling books at a distribution commission of 20% of MRP. Authors are provided with 100% royalty of net profit on sales. If you want to sell your book from distribution channels like Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, etc. you can opt for extended distribution at Rs.2,000 additional. (There will be Free ISBN assignment by FSP if you opt for Extended distribution)

Guidelines for Free Self Publishing Process

To self publish book with Free Self Publish (FSP), please follow these steps:-

  1. You will require to format interior pages of your book in one of our supported paper size and margin.
    Paper Size: 5x7 inch, 5x8 inch, A5 (5.83x8.27), 5.5x8.5, 6x9 inch, 7x9, 8x11 and A4 (8.27 x 11.69).
    Minimum Margin: 0.75 inch all four sides.
  2. Once you are setup with margins and format the interior get it uploaded by registration form and fill the details of book and account setup. We accept PDF and MS Word File.
  3. After receiving your forms and account details our team will review it within 24 hours and will update you by email. If approved, you will require setup the price and submitting print ready cover using our shared template. Please note that Print Cover consists of a back cover, spine and front cover along with the bleed area. Our shared template will help you to prepare and format your cover accordingly.
  4. On receiving the print ready cover pricing you can select the either standard (Free) or extended (Paid) distribution network to get it available and distributed.

Once you are prepared with Interior File, you can register for Account, here:


Need Help? Reach Author Support by Email:

Kindly Note that, our Author Support Team, will be able to assist you only when you have at least followed above guidelines, registered your account and submitted your files.