Free Self Publishing Process

If you are all ready with Interior File and Cover Page of your book, you may directly proceed for registration form, so that your book may be published completely Free of Cost. In case, you need any support, you may read the resources available at this page.


Publishing Resources

  Registration & Process

  • Registration: Click here to Submit Registration
  • Charges: Publication is Completely Free. There is no any package or any kind of publication cost.
  • Distribution: Get Free ISBN Allocation and distribution of Book to Amazon, Flipkart, BooksCamel, Playstore, etc.
  • Personal Printing: You may get your book printed for your own local distribution also, without listing it on online sites.
  • Author Copies & Royalty: Order Author copies at Printing Cost and retain 100% of Net Profit as Royalty. Check Royalty

  Interior File Submission

  • Interior Format: We Accept Only MS Word/ PDF File on Interior Section. Complete Interior must be Single File consisting of all sections that you want in book to be printed.
  • Interior File Size : We Provide three Size 5x8 inch, 6x9 inch and 8x11 inch. Its wise if you submits the PDF in desired page size keeping at least 0.75 inch normal margin on all four sides.
  • Submitting Word/ PDF in A4 or Letter Size: If you submits the interior file in A4/ Letter Size, it is resized and cropped with proper margin to the selected page size. To ensure it is printed correctly after cropping and resizing, please make font size of book texts as follow:-
    8x11 - Times New Roman - 10 to 12 size.
    6x9 - Times New Roman - 14 to 16 size.
    5x8 - Times New Roman - 16 to 18 size.
    You may use relative sizes for other fonts and headings while preparing MS Word File.
  • Resizing MS Word File: You may set correct paper size and margin as 0.75 inch (or more) on all four sides using settings of MS Word. See the article on Microsoft Size to make settings. Micrsoft Help Page
  • Creating PDF: You may directly convert PDF from MS Word File. This option is already available in all new versions of MS office. Just Select Save As followed by PDF as File Type. For older versions you may install official Microsoft Extention to get the feature. See Micrsoft Help Page
  • MS Word Interior Templates: You may download the interior template in MS Word File from give links. 5x8 inch, 6x9 inch, 8x11 inch.
  • Interior PDF Sample: You may download the sample of finalized interior PDF here:- . Sample Interior.

  Cover Files Submission

  • Format: We only accept Image (jpg/ png) or PDF file for Cover pages.
  • Resolution & Size: The cover image must be atleast 300+ DPI to ensure correct printing. It will be wise if you submits the cover page on correct page size (viz. 5x8/ 6x9/ 8x11 inch). Texts and important elemets on cover page must be alteast 0.70 inch from all edges to ensure it doesn't gets trimmed while printing and cutting.
  • Barcode & Back Cover: At back cover there must be aleast 1.5 inch area from bottom which should not consist any important element or text, so that there is no any issue when barcode is placed at back cover.
  • Spine: This is optional input for cover page. Spine is the area of cover that appears in binding edge of the book. We create Spine for all books with Spine Text (book and author name) from our side and is shown to you while review before final publication. You may submit custom spine for your book if it is above 175 pages.
  • Do-it-Yourself Cover Tool: You may use this online tool to Prepare Your own professional cover page: DIY Cover Tool.
  • Cover Images: You may download the Free Stock images from give sites to avoid copyright claims and issues on your book in future. While using these sites ensure that by mistake you don't use any sponsored/ paid image. You may visit:,
  • Cover Sample: You may download Sample Cover pages. Front Cover, Back Cover, Cover Spine.

You may Register here to Self Publish your book: